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Why Did the League of Nations Fail?

Why Did the League of Nations Fail?

Why did the League of Nations fail?

The League of Nations was the first intergovernment organization that was established after World War 1 in order to try and maintain the peace. Unfortunately the League failed miserably in its intended goal: to prevent another world war from happening (WW2 broke out only two decades later). The idea was for the League of Nations to prevent wars through disarmament, collective security and negotiation. It was also involved in other issues such as drug trafficking, arms trade and global health. Although the League disbanded during WW2, it was replaced with the United Nations, which is still going strong today.

Weaknesses of the League of Nations

The League of Nations had several integral weaknesses that finally led to its demise.

  • The League was supposed to present the world and encompass all countries, but many countries never even joined the organization, of which the U.S. was the most prevalent one. Some members only remained members for a short while, before ending their membership. Many historians believe that if America had joined the League, there would have been a lot more support in preventing conflicts. Other major powers such as Germany and the Soviet Union were not allowed to join.
  • The international relations of member countries conflicted with the League's requirements for collective security.
  • The League didn't have its own armed forces and depended on members to act, but none of the member countries were ready for another war and didn't want to provide military support.
  • Pacifism was a great problem: the Leagues two largest members, Britain and France, were very reluctant to resort in sanctions and military actions.
  • Disarmament was highly advocated by the League, which meant that it deprived countries that were supposed to act with military force on its behalf when necessary from means to do so.
  • When countries started to attack others in order to try and expand, the League didn't have any power to stop them.