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The Armada Portrait Quiz

The Armada Portrait Quiz

This famous picture of Elizabeth was painted to commemorate the defeat of the Spanish Armada by the English navy in 1588.

Have a good look at the painting, then see if you can answer the questions below.

1. Why was the picture painted?

a. To commemorate the defeat of the Spanish Armada
b. Because Elizabeth had a new dress
c. It was time for a new portrait
d. To show Elizabeth liked boats

2. What does the scene in the left window show?

a. The Spanish Armada
b. A nice day at the seaside
c. English fireships being sent to meet the Armada
d. A boat race

3. What does the scene in the right window show?

a. England has stormy weather
b. The Spanish Armada shipwrecked on rocks
c. It will soon be night time
d. The English navy shipwrecked

4. Why is Elizabeth's right hand on a globe?

a. The chair has no arm rests
b. To stop it moving for the artist
c. To show England had colonies in America
d. Elizabeth ruled the world

5. What do her clothes show?

a. She liked bows
b. It was her favourite dress
c. She was fat
d. She was rich and powerful

6. Why is she wearing black and white?

a. Her favourite colours
b. It looked good with the background
c. Black and white are the colours of purity and wisdom
d. Her only clean dress

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