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Katherine Parr

Katherine Parr

Famous for being the sixth wife of Henry VIII

Born - c1512 - exact date not known
Parents - Thomas Parr, Maud Green
Siblings - Anne, William
Married - 1. Edward Borough - 1529
2. John Neville - 1534
3. Henry VIII - 28th July 1543
4. Thomas Seymour - April 1547
Children - Mary Seymour born 1548
Died - 5th September 1548 - Puerperal Fever

Katherine was born around 1512 the eldest child of Thomas Parr and Maud Green. In 1529 she married Edward Borough who was 68 years old. He died two years later leaving Katherine a widow. In 1534 she married John Neville, Baron Latimer. Latimer was a widower who had two children. The couple had no children of their own and when Latimer died in 1543 Katherine was left a wealthy and independent woman.

Katherine, now aged 31 years was a lady in waiting to Princess Mary where she caught the eye of both Thomas Seymour and the King. Although she wanted to marry Seymour Henry had him sent overseas and married her himself.

She was a kindly lady and proved a good stepmother to the King's three children. She was also an excellent nursemaid and bathed Henry's leg wound and comforted him when he was sick.

She came close to being tried for treason in 1546 when her enemies at court attempted to prove that she was a committed Protestant. However, she managed to convince Henry that she was loyal to him and his Church and was spared.

After Henry's death in 1547 Katherine was finally free to marry Seymour and they married in the summer of 1547. She became pregnant and the couple's daughter Mary was born on 30th August 1548. Sadly Katherine died 6 days later from puerperal fever.